System Integration Services

Considering the existence of multi-layer systems within a bank/corporation, system integration service – one of VSII core services – is inevitable. Our target segments include Banking, Telecom, Energy – Oil – Gas, e-Government, Retail, Insurance and more.

Solution Implementation Service

We bring out solutions and help customer master that technique, including:

  • Middleware solutions: SOA/ESB, BPM, ECM and B2B Gateway
  • Internet/Intranet portal applying UX/UI
  • Retail e-Banking solutions
  • Banking Business solutions: Loan Origination System, Collateral Management, Enterprise Content Management, Document Digitalization.
  • Enterprise solutions: ERP, Data Warehouse, BI, Business Process Management, LDAP.

Application Development Service

We build many complete utility applications including:

  • JuvenisCap – a document digitalization tool
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Multimedia Information Management software system
  • e-Office system

Fine Tuning / System Optimization Service

We make systems best optimized by providing:

  • Software system tuning service
  • Consultation on system architecture
  • Supporting service for system installation and optimization

Training and Technology Transfer Service

We make sure our customer exploit the best out of systems by providing:

  • Training courses for administrators and end-users nationwide
  • Lessons, User Guide/Practice and hand-on labs practice

System Maintenance and Warranty Service

We ensure the long-term usefulness for customer by providing:

  • Free maintenance (depends on service)
  • Three levels warranty for software systems and solutions
  • Online quick response mechanism