For any banks/enterprises, middleware solutions – one of VSII core services – is crucial to operate smoothly and transparently between back-end systems and front-end interfaces.

SOA/ESB Solutions

The development of technology has pushed organizations to build enterprise architecture around an Enterprise Service Bus. Services are built and shared with multiple applications via this channel. It is SOA/ESB integration solution that many organizations are looking for. VSII is proud to be one of Vietnam’s best quality and most reliable providers of SOA/ESB consultation and implementation services.

  • Providing consultation on SOA/ESB implementation process.
  • Applying standard SOA/ESB implementation methodology.
  • Applying standard of system design (Object Modeling) and service design (BIAN, IFX, ISO20022)
  • Experienced in implementing big SOA/ESB projects, especially in finance and banking sector.

BPM E-banking Solution

E-banking solutions for individual customers are built on Business Process Management (BPM) middleware platform.

Key Features

  • Account and customer information management
  • Money transfer
  • Online bill payment
  • Online savings
  • Credit card payment


  • Standard system architecture.
  • High performance.
  • Easy to scale up horizontally and vertically.
  • Easy to develop processes.
  • Be able to reuse services and processes.
  • Cover all major processes of E-banking for individual customers.
  • Be able to expand the development of processes to provide individual customers with various processes and applications.
  • Be able to building Mobile Banking/Smart Banking system.

ECM, LOS and Collateral Management

Loan Origination System and Collateral Management are built on Enterprise Content Management platform. This is an overall solution for building Document Processing and Storing system. Centralized document management:

  • Centralized ECM system manages all documents.
  • Documents are approved and disbursed on LOS.
  • Documents are moved into ECM for storage.
  • Documents are stored by folders.
  • Paper documents are scanned and stored: based on foldering and storing mechanisms of ECM.