Solution Consulting Services

Not only provide the most suitable SI solution, VSII also help to bring about the best and most effective to our customer by giving practical advices in different aspects.

Selection of Solutions, Technologies and Partners

We help customer in choosing the right:

  • SOA solution: IBM, Oracle, Tibco, Microsoft, Software AG.
  • Internet/Intranet portal, UX/UI design, Responsive/Flat design: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, open-source solutions.
  • ECM, DMS, document digitization and storage, Enterprise Content Management: Sharepoint, Filenet, Alfresco, ABBYY.
  • Retail e-Banking solutions, Loan Origination System, Collateral Management: IBM, Oracle, Integro, Infopro, Polaris, RSystem.

Architectural Management and System Functions Design

We want our customer to develop the best software system by providing:

  • Consultation and Development of business process requirement (Survey, GAP, proposal of Business Process Requirements).
  • Consultation and SOA Design: SOA high-level/detail architecture model (ESB, BPM, B2B Gateway) and Design Integration Info service.
  • Consultation and design banking internet/intranet portal and website for big/medium/small enterprises.
  • Consultation and design architecture, processes and system functions of ECM, DMS, document digitization and storage.
  • Consultation and design architecture, processes and application functions for Retail e-Banking, Loan Origination System, Collateral Management.

DEMO/POC/Implementation Assessment Service

We ensure the effectiveness of our customer’ investment by:

  • Collaborating with customers’ business unit to identify requirements and assess proposed solutions.
  • Supporting customers in researching and selecting suitable solution/technology/partner with customer demands.
  • Working closely with reputable vendors (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, TIBCO) to implement Demo/ POC/ Solution Assessme
  • Collecting results, analyzing data and presenting results of Demo/ POC/ Solution Assessment in detail.