Migration & Maintenance Services

VSII has rich experience in providing clients with application and data migration services, as well as the maintenance of existing databases and applications.

We provide migration services from virtually any environment or technology to another environment or new technology. We work with our clients’ organizations to allow them to leverage new technologies at a low cost, using Java, J2EE, Struts, Rational, SOA Skyway, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Windows.

For maintenance of existing databases or applications, our qualified staff first gains a thorough understanding of the current system and your potential future needs, then designs and implements an on-going maintenance program using standardized methodology with Oracle DBA and DB2.

We Offer

Assess existing applications and take over maintenance.
Timely, proactive database and application maintenance.
Application and data migration service.
Port legacy applications to new technology platforms.
Port and migrate C and C++ code to embedded systems
Code conversion (C, VB code to Java, etc.).
Functional extensions and/or enhancements to existing applications.
Provide consistent resources for on-going maintenance, new development, and upgrades