Frequently Asked Questions

There are many companies in many countries offering offshore software development, what are the advantages dealing with your company?

We offer a winning combination of speed, quality, and price. We do it with a unique combination of business-savvy management, a remarkable depth of technical expertise, and a lean, agile organizational structure that can respond rapidly to changing customer needs. Our internal processes are well-defined and have been developed with the express purpose of being easily adaptable to your needs, so we work the way you work. We dedicate the resources necessary to learn your technologies and methodologies, becoming a virtual extension of your team

What should I be looking for in an offshore outsourcing partner?

The point of using an offshore development partner is to increase your development productivity at a greatly reduced cost and the same or better standards of quality. To ensure that these benefits are realized, cost is of course important, but beyond cost, considers the following criteria:

  • Adaptability: Make sure your partner is willing and able to work the way you work.
  • Proven cross-cultural communications skills: Be sure that your partner can provide staff with the language and other communications skills needed to bridge the difference in cultures and work effectively with you and your team.
  • Scalability: The ability to scale resources quickly as your needs change is critical.
  • Adherence to international standards: Your partner should be fully committed to and certified in international standards for process, metrics, and quality.
  • Financial and political stability: Your partner should be well-established, financially sound, and located in a country free of political turmoil.

How do I decide which projects it makes sense to work with an offshore partner on?

It may not make sense to move your entire application management process offshore. Activities involving an application’s owner or support for help desk applications, for example, involve continual interaction with users and should usually be sourced near the user base. Issue analysis and resolution support, along with code changes, testing, and HTML coding, need less immediate interaction and so can generally be moved offshore more easily. Often these tasks can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently by offshore staff without the distractions of daily user interaction. To determine which parts of which applications are best moved, you’ll need to know the amount of staff, equipment, and budget needed for each application’s maintenance. Offshore outsourcing can help you resolve the following issues:

  • Applications that require intensive analysis to discover the cause of recurring problems.
  • A large backlog of application issues or enhancement requests.
  • A large testing backlog or an inadequate testing budget.
  • Requests for constant web site revisions without adequate budget.
  • Plans to retire or migrate applications within the next 2 to 5 year.

How do I get started with VSII?

Send us a request for proposal, and we’ll send you a quote. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will reply promptly. Many of our customers like to start us out with a small test project to assess our capabilities.

Can I monitor and control the development progress?

Of course. We keep you constantly updated on the process, with full input every step of the way. You can access all development files at any time, so you can control the development process as much as you like. Our working schedule lets you see an application framework, demos, and UI early in the development process, so you can make corrections. This shortens the number of design iterations for large and complex projects, reducing costs. We can also customize a monitoring and control process to your exact requirements

What about language, geographic, and cultural barriers?

We have project managers who are fluent in English, and our programmers have more than sufficient English skills to do their work. They are regularly tested and we offer ongoing technical English training to all our staff. Over many years of working with U.S. Companies, we have learned how to manage the process so that language and cultural barriers do not become an issue. We employ Skype, video and voice conferencing, email, and various project management software tools to ensure that lines of communication are open 24/7, and that deadlines are continually updated and met.

Can I trust the quality of your programming?

Yes. VSII applies a rigorous quality assurance program to all projects we undertake. This program guarantees constant quality by focusing on two main aspects: process quality and product quality. The program is applied consistently through project management and all engineering disciplines (requirement, analysis/design, implementation, testing, and deployment). The program is also applied to project and process management functions and helps secure the total transparency and predictability of operations. It comprises a quality management policy, quality management guidelines, clearly documented processes, guidelines, and checklists for all software development activities. It also includes the comprehensive tracking, collection, and analysis of relevant data ( about defects, for example) at both the project and organization levels. We’re in the process of obtaining CMMI Level 3 (version 1.2, 2006) and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

What about the quality of your employees?

Our most important asset is our staff and extended network of young, highly-motivated and highly-qualified technical professionals. We spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our staff can provide high-quality, uninterrupted software development. Bench management, strong employee retention policies, a good working environment with various financial and other incentives help us retain staff and develop their talents. This focus on our employees has helped us build an excellent reputation as a great place to work in terms of competitive salaries, performance-based remuneration, and a comprehensive training program. As a result, we maintain a single-digit employee attrition ratio that is significantly better than industry standard. The company has established a trade union as required under Vietnamese law and strictly complies with all relevant labor law regulations. All employees have official labor contracts that include social and health insurance benefits. A dedicated Training Department led by top trainers provides in-house training. This lets us recruit directly from universities and then train our staff to our strict requirements. Besides technical training (in theory, on-the-job, and through an e-learning system), the company also organizes external trainings in management, language, communication, and other soft skills. This on-going, on-the-job training helps us keep current with continual changes in technology, international standards, and market needs.

What about Intellectual Property issues? Who owns the final product?

At VSII, we take IP issues very seriously, and work diligently to ensure the integrity of your IP rights. Most often our customers hold the copyrights and own the final product. This is spelled out in our contract with you.

What are your standard terms and conditions?

We offer several different engagement models. Click here for an overview.

Can I specify my own engagement model?

We are ready, willing, and able to adapt to the way you want to work.

How can you provide quality work at such a low cost?

The cost of living in Vietnam is very low, while the technical education level is very high. This allows us to provide world-class technical capability at very low prices.

How do I pay?

The simplest and the most secure way is by wire transfers. And remember, In the United States, the expense of offshore software development is tax deductible.